‘After All’ by Nicolas Feldmeyer


I think there are influences behind the work coming from sublime, romantic painting, Land Art, minimalism and Sugimoto amongst others. I have been exploring these themes for years, in a lot of different scales and media, from drawings to installations, and also videos. For this particular work I was also inspired quite directly by the beautiful charcoal drawings of Reece Jones. I used the same composition, but thanks to the computer technology I wanted to add this ambiguity with the photographic language: something of gigantic dimensions but depicted with the truth and accuracy of photography. Technically it is a 3d digital rendering, with a rectangular slice of light inserted into a terrain model, and defined as the light source.

I guess it all has to do with contemplation. You know, the peace of mind that you get when you contemplate the things no one can change. It is a feeling of being very little and at the same time somehow connected. Of course the work is open for interpretation, but what I secretely hope is that people would get a bit of that, a glimpse into the great silence.

reece jones

Reece Jones

Web de Nicolas Feldmeyer

Traducción al castellano.

  1. I like very much your work and your web page, congratulations!

  1. 28/02/15

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